Hellos, peeps!

:About me:

I'm an outgoing, 15 year old.  I live in the sunny south, Write with a burning fire,  photograph with a flare, Blog with need, and Love Sci-fi with as much as me as I can give it.
I have 8 siblings, ages 13-a few months.
I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Ella.
I love Star Trek.
And Star Wars.
I am a total Retro chick.
And I like Chocolate, Milkshakes, Cupcakes, Dictionaries, Dragons, Journals, Alice in Wonderland, and Music.  Maybe not all in that order.
Oh, and Sherlock Holmes is my love.

:About my writing:

I have dabbled in Fantasy, and Historical Fiction.  My modern day (I know there is a real word for it, butI happen to forget it...) fiction is worth a pile nothing.  I excel mostly in Fantasy, and Science Fiction, where anything, and everything, is possible.  However, I believe I am going to start out in Historical Fiction, and hope to go at it with a somewhat good ability.   I also write poetry....Actually, 'write' poetry isn't fitting.  A poet just puts down whatever their heart sings.  I breath, and live poetry, is more like it.

:About my Characters:

I am very attached to Characters.  You can say, that is what keeps me writing.  I love the relationships I get with them.  

:My blogs:

My journal, day to day blog.
My writing blog
My Book Review blog
My Role Play blog (I write Mairithim!)