Evergreena isn't my real name, of course - I'm Rachel. But I've always gone by Evergreena online, ever since I signed up for my first NaNoWriMo back in 2005. That was the true beginning of my writing adventure, and since then, I've written 9 novels. {If you only count the serious, completed novels, that number drops to 4, but who's counting?}

I've written science fiction and fantasy, and I'm always experimenting with new genres. My current love is Steampunk.  {Sky pirates, anyone?}

I consider myself more than just a writer, however. It isn't simply the act of putting words together that I love - I'm a storycrafter. I get insanely excited about characters, setting, and plot. I'm passionate about visual stories as well as written ones. I'm studying art in college right now, and my dream is to work for Pixar or Disney, either in visual development or as a story artist.

A little more about who I am: I love to make things, whether that's a painting, a piece of music, or an elvish-style cloak. I'm an archer, I climb trees, and I'm always curious. I listen to movie soundtracks and Owl City. I'm an avid photographer. I love my family.

And most importantly, the story of my life starts and ends with the ultimate Author...  Jesus Christ. Soli Deo Gloria!

~~~~~~~~~~Notable Novels~~~~~~~~~
Kimble Haansvoy series:
-The Shadow of Greed  (science fiction/spy; 60,000 words)
-The Shadow of Rebellion (science fiction/spy; 100,000 words)

The Flicker Chronicles:
-Bluewillow (fantasy; 70,000 words)
-Greenheart (fantasy; 80,000 words)

-Nanooks in Pajamas (randomness; 50,000 words)
-Nanooks in Tuxedos (randomness; 50,000 words)
-Nanooks in Trench Coats (randomness; 50,000 words)