My name is Mia and it's good to be here. I am sixteen, too, and I am finding it odd to be growing up. Writing is a passion of mine that I'm eager to grow. Photography is my other one and only. One of my two and only, I guess.

Okay, as for my books. Well, friends, there's only one. It's the novel I wrote for NaNo 2010 and was the learning experience of the century. Or at least decade. It was a non-magical fantasy, and since I wrote it, I discovered that non-magical fantasy is not a genre I want to pursue. I strongly admire you who can pull it off! Anywho, now I stick to fragments and snatches of spontaneous inspiration that strike when I least expect it to.

But I want to write another novel, so write one I will.

Otherwise about me: I am a student, I like owls, and I compulsively look for adventures, the night is my favorite time to do just about anything, rainy days are my favorite time to write. I wish to become proficient at the harmonica. Life is good!

Aperture Mittens is my own little blog where I post about the things mentioned in the above paragraph.