My name is Sarah. There is nothing I like to do more than write and listen to the radio. I have a very eccentric taste in music as well as an allurement to art. I've been writing for what feels like forever, but I've been putting pen to paper since I was fourteen. I'm sixteen now. I'm currently working on my fourth novel for NaNoWriMo. Below are some synopsises. I've left out my very first novel because it's just plain too embarrassing to write a summery. Plus I never gave it a title.

Horrendous First Novel
I live in a drawer and Sarah hates me now. I have only that short story Sarah doesn't tell people about to keep me company.

Complications of a Pen Name
Charlotte Leaven, which everyone calls Charlie, has never been the center of attention. Maybe her assertive best friend, Emma, but never Charlie. Suddenly, however, the entire school is talking about Charlie. They don't know it though. Not even Emma knows it, or Charlie's other friend, the sweet Aiden whom she may have a crush on. Everyone wants to talk about the school's mystery blogger, but no one knows who she is. Charlie on the other hand suddenly finds herself with a sudden lurch of fame, but is unable to exert her new persona because of the honest musing about her personal life that end up on her blog.

Elevator Music
Any person that if they had the change to talk with a favorite celebrity, it would change their life. If Vera Price could have chosen a celebrity to talk to, Chance Konstantina would have been her last choice. In fact, if she had known his band was playing on the day her friends dragged her to the mall, she would have refused to go.
When Vera takes an innocent trip from floor to floor in the mall, trying to escape the pressing crowd around the Balderdash Boys, the elevator doors open to none other than Chance himself.
It gets worse when the elevator gets stuck and Vera and Chance have only each other to talk to for two hours. Even that doesn't prepare its occupants for the after effects of their conversation.

Current Writing Project:

Working title Harpies

Actual title In Transit
Harper Marling has what many consider a privileged life. In reality, being the child of Demi-God rock star parents is much harder than one would assume. Being the child of the couple that beat out Sonny & Cher as 'best rock and roll love story' has never been easy for Harper. It's only gotten harder as it became clear that Harper herself is a classical violin prodigy. Trapped between people expecting her to achieve and belittling her accomplishments, Harper only hopes to win the place of prized solo at her elite orchestra school, where Harper is often regarded as the most brilliant. The only peer Harper has is her brother, who's deafness takes him out of any musical world. She suddenly finds another peer when her solo is broke into two for a viola player.