My name is Ellyn.

I'm sixteen years old and I've been writing since before I could read.  I own a horse and live with my parents, grandma, and five younger brothers in a rambling, peanut-butter-colored house in Minnesota.  We are in a small community and we own twenty-something chickens, two bunnies, one horse (mine).  We also are privileged with three cats (since no one can own a cat).  I absolutely love my small town life, contrary to many other teenagers  In the future, I definitely plan to raise my own children on a farm.
I dream of traveling Europe, owning a ranch, and marrying someone who owns a Mr. Darcy coat.  Which of those is most attainable, I wonder?

Randomness, as promised....

- I don't believe in boredom and I try to look for adventure everywhere I go.

- I wish my hair was red.  Not fake red, but like gold fire red.

- I watch a lot of British period dramas.

- I'm anti-technology.  Not that I don't use it or don't enjoy it.  I do use it and I do enjoy it.  But I don't like that I have to use it and enjoy it so much.  I don't understand myself all the time...

- I plan to be a stay-at-home mom.

- I prefer winter to summer.

- I love the Revolutionary War

- My favorite books include the Leviathan trilogy (Westerfeld), The Hunger Games trilogy (Collins), The Gallagher Academy (Carter), Airborn by Kenneth Oppel, Princess Academy (Hale), and many others, including the classics.  

- My mission in writing is to provide clean books that inspire middle grade and young adults to aim high.

My Books:

Torn Heart is my self-published fantasy-without-magic novel suited for girls 12 & up, but many adults have enjoyed it, as well as several young boys.  I self-published it last year, through CreateSpace.  You can find it on Amazon, as well as its CreateSpace page.  Like it on Facebook too!
Seaspear: Editing stage.  Draft 2.75
Dust (working title): Nano novel of '11.  First draft half done.