Friday, January 20, 2012

This Is Long Over Due

I'm editing. This makes me want to chop off my own head. Don't worry, I'm not suicidal. 

I'm starting to wonder if my story is as cheesy and annoying as I think it is, or if I've read it way too many times. I'm opting for the later. Because it makes me feel better. I want to be done editing. Right. Now.

I have four chapters left. Then another manuscript to get returned.

I just got another email concerning said missing manuscript. It said, 'I read half of it. It got stowed away and I forgot about it. I'm really sorry. I will finish it. Still, so sorry.' I'm like, 'whatevs.'

Seriously, I gave away six manuscripts last May and I've got two back. I got a definite 'hate it' on the one and other other one I've still got four chapters left to look over. So, it's doesn't really matter. It's all fruitless.

I mean, my own mother never read her own copy. Again, whatevs.

One day.... I will be done editing. And that will be a happy day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Plan

I had an idea about posting.

Even though time logs keep us accountable, they aren't that interesting. How about in addition to that, we have topic weeks, where one of us assigns a topic and then each of our posts that week would pertain to that topic.

Tell me what you think! I can't wait to get Inkblots (and my story) rolling again.

We hope to have a physical club meeting this Friday night, so I'll try to keep the minutes and then post
them here, if they're interesting enough! :)

- Ellyn