Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I was going my happy, merry way..

WHEN I REALIZED! It's Tuesday. My Day to post.

I'm honestly a forgetful girly.

Anyway, I ACTUALLY have a lot to say about writing...Maybe not in Character Development (I don't think that is current...or am I wrong?), but in writing stuff.

I'll just start off with Masqueraders.

I just LOVE this banner I made for it...
Have you ever seen a book, heard about a book, or read a book, and fallen head over heels in want for it? Thought, "Oh my Goshbubbles, THAT is a good book!"?  Thats the way I am feeling.  Only, I'm WRITING the book.  This is a really great feeling.  It is something I have never really felt before.  I get all excited just thinking about it.    Despite the name, this book has NOTHING to do with a masquerade ball.  But, rather Mutant.  But, they call themselves the Masqueraders.  I have to throw my mask love into everything, now mustn't I? 

I'm just going to say, I can hardly wait to start writing this novel.  I'm at the almost there point.  A few more plot tweaks, character bios (I wrote a rough one, and even though I already know every character like the back of my hand, I want to concrete it by writing it down), and then I'll be ready to race off.

For once, just being a writer has made me very happy.

Oh, ETA:

What did y'all ever decide about the blog's background? Naturally, I'm not present at your meetings..(We should see if we could get skype...) but I might be able to help obtain a new (customized) background for Inkblots.


jedigal1990 said...

the books sounds awsome good luck with it :) awsome post

Ellyn said...

I love that enthusiasm that comes with the beginning of a new tale! Good luck, Ashley.

P.S. The club hasn't even met since like....last summer. Can you email me with more details about the background?

P.P.S. I'm curious about your choice of the bald man picture. It kind of creeps me out :D

Ashley said...

Lol Ellyn, it is Captian Picard from Star Trek. That is his 'it can't believe you did that' face. Ever seen someone type *facepalm*? That is where it started.

Emily V. said...

I so love that feeling!

I also love this quote:
"If there's a book you really want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." -Toni Morrison-

We authors really have so much power.

Good luck with your new gem! :)

Laura said...

Hey, its Laura! I'm trying to post more often, change up the look, and get my blog going again! You can come and check it out, and preferably comment and/or follow! Hope you will, and enjoy!