Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My turn

Tuesdays are the days I picked to post here, and I feel horrible, because ad of late, I've done nothin'! So sorry!

In all honesty, I hardly knew what to post.  Writing hasn't been so 'hot' for me as of late.  All I am writing is a Star Trek Fan fiction, which I guess counts as SOMETHING.  On my fan-fic, I've been going alright.  I'm not going as a racing horse through the words, but I'm pedaling on.  And, even though it is taking me a while, I'm putting out some pretty great stuff!  Makes me sad it is only a fan fiction, not something real.  But, I guess this is my writer's rehab, huh?  I took a pretty good downer a month or so ago, and felt really down and out about writing.  But, since 'The Araglin' (as I've named it) I've felt galaxies better!

So, that is about all I've been doing writing wise.  Fan fiction. Pedaling gently through the writing.  But, going steady. 

On a last thought, writing is sorta like marriage, isn't it?  It isn't a whirlwind all the time, but you always grow closer/better during those quiet, steady moments.  Ok, I might be a total freak.

Signing off for the week, Ashley.

P.S I don't normally like Enya's music, due to her being new agey. However. when it comes to writing inspiration, She does the job! I'm listening to her right now!

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Ellyn said...

Lots of people think fan fiction is a waste but as my mom always says, "NO writing is EVER a waste!" :) Good luck.

And yes, Enya's great. I think they should come up with a different genre name than "New Age"...