Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is Currently Extremely Confused.

Have finished sort of editing my second draft. Am now wondering what to do. Technically, I have only marked up all the needed changes. I still have to enter them all in the computer. Oddly, the entering them all into the manuscript takes freaky less time than it takes to mark up the physical manuscript in pen. WHY IS THIS? IT'S SO CONFUSING! I could either A) enter all of it into the master manuscript on the computer, thought I'm always on the computer for school and I would hate doing my writing stuff all on the computer right now too. I could B) beg for my other manuscript, so I could go through that, add all those notes to my master physical copy, then enter that all into the master manuscript on the computer. This would make a lot of sense, but, again, I would need to beg. Or C) I could just print off my last novel and go to town on that. Option D) I could just sleep.

Also, when in the world are you sure that your draft is the last draft? When are you sure you are done with everything? Is there supposed to be some feeling or completeness? Perhaps it's just a certain lack of feeling. Are you just supposed to stand up one day and be done. Then what are you supposed to do? Attempt something scary like finding a literary agent and/or publisher? I'm confused as to what this last draft omen is, but I think I'm pretty much done with this novel and ready to go onto my next one.

I should probably try to write less rambling and narcissistically pondering updates. I should write nice insightful ones. Like Ellyn's. But alas, I'm just confused at the moment.

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Ellyn said...

As I have not forgot my promise to attach myself to you as your annoying editor....

Could I read the second draft? :D

I know this book has promise, and I also know that once you have worked on a project for a while, you as the author kind of lose your insight and get impossibly confused about pacing, character development, etc. It happens to me EVERY TIME I go through a second draft.

You have got to get this published! But I have a feeling it's not quite done yet.