Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You know what? I've never edited before.

At least, not really.

When I write, I have a strict process.

Step One: I think up everything I can.  I write character bios, personality traits, and look under those rocks for any little bit I should know.

Step Two:  I write the basic story out of paper.  It is basically the novel, but without some added materials.  As I think up stuff I should've added in two chapters back.  I write it as a margin (You can imagine how messy my notebook would look once I finish the book!).  Once I complete the book, or come close, to have nothing else to do, I start step three.

Step Three:  I transfer the writing over to a word document.  There, I add more description, polish off characters and dialog, add in those should'a-said-two-chapters-ago things.  Once finished there, I can only speculate process four. I have never actually finished Step three.  Normally, I get there, realize the story has way to many holes, or I just need to set it aside until further inspiration hits.  Or, maybe I never pick it back up.

I suppose real editing would be step four.  But, as said, I've never been there.

But I will, someday.

Ellyn, I think this is a really grand idea, I can't WAIT for the next topic!


Ellyn said...

Ah! You've got to finish!!!! :D

Step Three actually does sound like editing, though. Do you ever take out scenes or work in new plot threads? That's what I'd call intense editing.

Good luck Ashley! I do love your posts.

Mia said...

I'm with ya on the no-edit-please score...but your process looks good! Productive creativity, yes?