Sunday, October 23, 2011

From the Rogue Rebel

I am only calling myself that because everyone else is so excited about starting and I'm excited about crushing my character's hopes and dreams as I start the decent from my climax. It feels as if I am strangely older than everyone else because I am a few months ahead of them. I can't wait till people start writing with me. Then I won't be all alone.

I must admit, since I've been on a semester break, I've done little more than crochet, watch food shoes, and listen to the radio. I have accomplished very little on break, but I'm fine with that. It was a break after all.

Two Hours.
1,380 words

Three Hours.
1,776 words

Hour and Fifteen minutes.
1,559 words.

Nothing, I ate Indian food instead.

Sunday, hopefully something.

Plot wise, I had to go through all my notes just no to remember what I was thinking before. I had a huge scene in my head that was very pivotal before I even started writing. I have forgotten all but the just of it and have not recorded any of it what so ever. But it's okay, because the whole scene is more or less worked out in my head. I think.

I seem to keep forgetting, once I'm three quarters of the way through writing, how much I've shaped my plot to intersect in different areas. This novel is basically five different plots coming together to form one big plot. Inside that, I have subplots. Each one is, metaphorically, a loop. Each loop intertwines in every other loop. My book is a chain length fence. Or a necklace chain, if that's more elegant. Either way, it's all connected and I either forget it OR I do remember but it's in the back of my subconscious. At least I have it written down somewhere.



Ellyn said...

Just your book is not a chain pulling you down! ;D

I think it's weird how you wrote so much on Friday in so little time compared to Wednesday and Thursday.... ;)

Miss Sarah said...

Oh, I can explain that. I was babysitting very late Friday. In fact, the kids were in bed after I had been there twenty minutes. Being utterly productive, I brought the laptop to pound away instead of doing nothing. Thus I worked much faster outside my usual, unfocused environment.