Friday, October 21, 2011

The Week

It's Day 2 of my mid-semester break, and I'm living it up - two days off of barrages of homework and assignments can do wonders for a person's morale.

But I must confess that even through this respite, I haven't committed myself to any writing. Ellyn, I cat-vacuumed. But here is some good news: I went to the library yesterday. Friends, it had been weeks since I indulged in a leisurely stroll through that hallowed hall. I picked up some books for research for the November novel, too. So far, my ideas have been pretty circular and dull, but reading up on illegal immigrants and mathematical curiosities has bolstered my inspiration. I'm conjuring up a rather eclectic cast of characters for the novel . . .

Also, a major news item: I finished The Hunger Games series. I liked all of the first book, the first half of the second book, and the last chapter and epilogue of the third book. They're an altogether harrowing ride; could you imagine actually living in them? Katniss Everdeen is one formidable person.

And for your Internet reading material pleasure, here's an article I came across on the merits of giving NaNoWriMo the college try. I definitely like this authors compassion for us Wrimos; we need every bit of it. *dramatically long-suffering sigh*

Enjoying October,


Ellyn said...

You finished the HG??!?!?!?!
did you cry?
wasn't it horribly depressing???
and FINNICK!! WAAH!! :( :( :( :(
And Gale too, and, and....
The epilogue was amazing and bittersweet.
And awesome.
I can't imagine living in the same world as Katniss.

your weird obsessed friend,

Ellyn said...

And congrats on ideas for your novel! I think I'm all prepared for mine and I'm going to cut off the planning. I can't wait to hear about your characters! *hint hint*

the friend who REALLY DOES believe you and your novel are more important than the Hunger Games!
- Ellyn ;D

Mia said...

Ughhh, Finnick's demise was the WORST part! Poor Annie! And yes, I cried. I wasn't even expecting to, but the tears snuck up on me anyway. :)