Friday, October 14, 2011

Inkblots Meet Famous Author!

Anyone who knows me or has read my previous blogs will know that I'm quite obsessed with Scott Westerfeld and his Leviathan trilogy.  He's also the author of Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and some other books, but the Leviathan trilogy is really all that matters.

To prove how obsessed I am, here's a bit of fan art I drew that got featured on Scott's blog in this post.  Sorry about the bad quality.

deryn in a dress

Anyway, everyone reading this blog should also read the books, especially if they enjoy stories about young girls dressing up as airmen, hoity-toity boffins, steam-powered walkers, and orphaned princes.

It just so happens that the Inkblots (or a portion of them) got to meet Scott-la in person when the last book of the Leviathan trilogy came out near the end of September.

Talk about cool!

There is another member here, but she's taking the picture with her amazing camera.

Stay tuned - soon we'll post some Nanowrimo goals for November.

- Ellyn

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