Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Inkblots, Their Blog, and Their Rules

Hello, fellow writers!

The Inkblots is a Christian group of teenage girl writers - Christians who write, not necessarily Christian writers - that began several years ago in the attic of one girl's mind.  The idea spread from Sarah to Ellyn and from that, Inkblots was formed.  The club met / meets in an upper room of a cafe, and discusses everything from gypsies in Paris (was it Paris that had all the gypsies, Sarah?) to plot denouements.

If you'd like to join this blog and you were not present in physical form to experience an actual Inkblots meeting, drop us a comment anyway.  We'd love to have you.  We're trying to spread our club even farther and encourage hard-core writing.


This blog won't take the place of our meetings, but it will motivate us to write and provide a way for us to encourage each other to write.  (Or give us a chance to virtually fistfight other club members in an attempt to get them to write.  We're still working on that page...)

If you'd like to post on the Inkblots blog, the following subjects are acceptable:

- Your personal writing log for the week (aka, how many hours you've written that week and what you are currently working on.  In a time log, please specify if you cat vaccumed or not.  If you don't know what cat vacuuming is, you should.)

- A writing tip or link to an article you found helpful, on the subject of writing.  We'd prefer not to have posts that consist of just a link.  Add your own thoughts, wit, and cheer.

- Exciting things like if you got to meet a favorite author, if you got a short story or novel published, reached a word count goal, or anything of the sort.  You can also include this stuff in your weekly time log if you wish.

- Elaborate on the ups and downs of writing life.  Vent to the world your passion against your current novel when things are bad.  Gush about hugging your manuscript when things are good.

- Books you've learned a lot from, read recently, or greatly appreciate.  

The following subjects are not acceptable:

- Anything that includes obscenities like language, sex references, or crude jokes.

- Chapters or excerpts from your book.  We know you're excited about your novel - we're excited about ours too.  But if you have an excerpt you'd like to have edited, we'd prefer you to send it privately to Sarah, Ellyn, or another club member.  Don't post it on the blog for everyone on Google to discover and possibly steal.  And don't risk someone trashing it in a comment.  That hurts, and it could destroy your writing career.

- Anything random that doesn't directly relate to writing / books / Inkblots.  It's great you have a new dog, but don't create a whole post on him.  Email us if you want to let us know.

Enjoy the Inkblots blog and feel free to comment with ANY suggestions!

Please also fill out your author page at the top with some information about you (here, randomness is accepted) and a brief blurb about each of your books.

- Ellyn
(co-founder of Inkblots)

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